Winding Road
(AWB, Pt. 1/2 Tb mare)

Color has completed her first year of
Carriage showing, in 2006.  Only in harness
for 2 summers she has shown an amazing
willingness to compete and accomplish
every and any task I have put to her.

Competing in her first Concourse de
Elegance, at the Waverly Carriage show, she
did amazing, considering it was her first
time driving on the road.....ever!
She won the trophy!

Seated next to me is Denise Ruffing, one of
my trainers from Odyssey Training Stables, I
have also trained with Anita Alden from
Odyssey as well.  Although I owe a lot to the
horse pulling me down the road I owe
equally as much to Denise.....if not sitting
next to me, giving words of encouragement
and training, I would have never made that
first turn out of the driveway.....So hats off to
you and thank you for making my show
season one of the best.
Please enjoy the pictures
(Shetland / Mini gelding)

Sampson has completed his first year of
Carriage showing, in 2006, as well.  
Purchased from a pony ride company, we
were told he didn't do much of anything other
than lead kids around at parties......
Boy were we in for a big surprise!

Sampson has proven himself to be a little
wonder pony.....and yes, great things come in
small packages.
Galloway Farms